Inspire other travelers is a journey

Inspire other travelers is a journey with people, about people, and especially for people.

Through the series of events we are preparing we seek to expose human beings to other human beings. We want to build emotional bridges and achieve deep resonances. We strive for hollow feelings in the stomach, gasps of “Oh, I see”, “Wow” and “I can’t believe it”.

We set out to establish a platform for interaction with people who have the courage to be and act as themselves.

These people will inspire us to accept and set free what we really are. To face our reflection in the mirror and smile. To love ourselves. To give our love to our own selves first of all. Because somewhere along the road many of us have started to believe that we are not good enough, that the way we are is not desirable and that we have to hide behind popular, desirable and beautifully colored masks. We want to show that we, humans, are beautiful.

That we are charming, despite our weaknesses and imperfections, even when we make mistakes. Toghether with our extraordinary parts, these are the traits that make us unique. And we can all bring added value into our lives and into the lives of those around us when we accept this uniqueness and its free expression.

We set out to generate mentality changes and inspire the return to self. To spark self love and the wish to pass it on to others, to look at things differently from how we’ve done so far, feeling the urge to change.

Exposure to models is one of the most important sources of learning.