Nicoleta and Cristian are the founders of Inspire Other Travelers, a concept that will bring in Timișoara, starting with 2018, a series of new events, with role models from all over the world.

Nicoleta is a public relations and communication consultant. For 10 years she worked as a journalist for few of the most important national newspapers, and for the last 7 years she was involved in many projects that raised people’s trust in the power of the community. Nicoleta believes that life is a journey in which our mission is to discover the deepness of love, this meaning that we should experience both pleasant and unpleasant situations and learn from them. Learning life’s lessons and looking honest at ourselves has become difficult these days. We are provided with superficial values that estrange us from ourselves, from our real values as human beings and what is authentic in us.

Cristian founded Essential Training and Consulting and for the past 15 years was actively involved in the personal development field. He says that his life was a continuous transformation, with moments of resilience, anxiety, ecstasy and profound insights. His conclusion: life is an amazing experience worth living in the most authentic way, without barriers and imposed or self-imposed limits.

We strongly believe that we have a great need for authentic role models that are capable to inspire us to change for becoming better for ourselves and others and to brighten us with ideas on how we can do this.

Inspire Other Travelers is about people and everything that is great within themselves, about acceptance and happiness.

We warmly welcome you to this year’s sessions!