Hey, traveler! How are you?

Is this your story too?


We travel all day.
Starting early in the morning, giving up late in the evening. Work, traffic, family, school, kindergarten, food shopping. We’re always in a rush.

Our journey started a long time ago.
Since the day we were born, we have been through all sorts of experiences. And we have learned a lot. We learned by doing, learned by traveling in our own life. We have learned how to laugh when we wanted to cry, how to look fancy when we felt ugly, how to like when we didn’t care, how to share when we had nothing. We learned how to act. We created a great life theatre, a comfortable golden cage.

This is how life traveling looks like for many of us.
Our happiness is always somewhere in front of us, but it remains untouchable. We can not change reality. The order of life is the result of our own progress. But the way we choose to live is often driven by our fears. What if someone doesn’t like us? Our biggest fear is to find out and to accept who we are.

Would you recommend this life travel to someone else?
If not, let’s inspire other travelers to act the way they feel and live enthusiastically.

Let’s start inspiring people to find themselves!